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You have reached the homepage of the Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO). The purpose of our organization is to promote the sport of Geocaching in Michigan via improved communications and to provide information to the public about our activities and the sport of geocaching. Please spend some time on our site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit for more details.

Join MiGO Today! Membership gives you many benefits. MiGO is one of the oldest and most respected Geocaching organizations in the country. Since our inception in April, 2002 we have grown both in size and stature. In 2007 we were granted an organizational land use permit by the Michigan DNR. This permit is paid annually by MiGO and enables all our members to place caches on permitted DNR lands at no fee. This is just one of the many benefits of your free membership. You'll also become part of a local and tight-knit Geocaching community with an active interest in caching in our state. Our forums are very active and are a great place to meet cachers and learn.

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Winter Social 2019

February 15th, 16th, 17th!
Registration for the Winter Social is open!  This year, Winter Social is a weekend of several events, two Friday night,  three on Saturday and one Sunday morning. 

Links to all of the Winter Social Events can be found on the registration page for the main event: 

Winter Social Registration

Friday's events include a pizza meet and great  and an escape room.   There will also be some new geocaches published.

Saturday events include a Breakfast Meet and Greet, a Flash Mob for contributors to the Silent Auction, and the Main Winter Social Event with the Silent Auction, Seminars,  Games, the MiGO Annual Meting, awards, and a much nicer Catered Dinner than past socials, plus plenty of new geocaches published.  

Sunday's morning there is a Breakfast Meet, Greet and Goodbye event, plus even more geocaches published.

See you for a weekend of "fund" and a "fun raising in Lansing.

MSPC GeoTour

Michigan's first Official GeoTour celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Michigan's State Parks is set to kick off Memorial Day Weekend, 2019 and last (at least) three years. 

MiGO's State Parks Work Group and the DNR have been very busy planning one of the best GeoTours yet.  Our team of hiders has been organized and notified and are hard at work writing their park stories and scouting hiding spots.   For those who were not selected, we thank you for your interest.  Your names are still in our database should a need arise for some backup.  

The tour will consist of 100 fun and interesting caches, 25 in each MiGO region.  Achieving 20 of 25 finds in any region will net you a nice, regional pathtag.  Achieving 20 of 25 finds in three of the four regions will net you a nice GeoCoin from the DNR.  Achieving 20 of 25 finds in all four regions will net you a special gold GeoCoin from the DNR.  Finding all 100 caches in the GeoTour will get you recognition from Geocaching HQ.

We are looking forward to making Michigan Geocaching History and hope you are too.

More opportunities to help with the GeoTour will be announced very soon.

MiGO Store

The latest addition to the MiGO store is the 2019 Michigan Geocaching Calendar.  Every year this calendar is a hot item and sells out quickly.  Don't miss out on your chance to get one. 

The funding to support our organization is derived through member contributions via donations, purchases in our store, and supporting memberships. We appreciate your interest in our organization and our store and invite you to look around. If you have any questions, you can email us at

MiGO Store

Our store is still "under construction"  check back often as we build this feature of the website. We are working on bring new and exciting products to the store.

We are looking at new items to put in the store and are always interested in your feedback.  Is there something you think that the store should have for sale?  Please let us know.

Challenge of the Month

MiGO wants to get you more involved in Geocaching and in MiGO.  To that end, we are announcing the

Challenge of the Month”!

Challenges will be posted on the first Friday of the month, and run until the last Sunday of the month.  You can choose any cache that meets the challenge requirements, but all caches must be found during the challenge period.


We want every member to be able to participate, so every challenge will have three levels:

Bronze Level: Pretty much everyone should be able to do these, though some may have you step out of your comfort zone a little!

Silver Level: These will be a bit tougher – it’s a way to push yourself as a cacher!  Can you complete the Silver Level Challenge?

Gold Level:  These are for the most dedicated and hardcore cachers out there!  Challenge yourself to the max and see if you can complete these very tough challenges!

Go to the Forums on the Membership page to learn more and to participate.

Forums (Members Only)


MiGO and You

This is the new home of the Michigan Geocaching Organization or MiGO. Geocaching is closing in on 20 years of existence and MiGO has been a part of most of that. Our goal is to promote the activity of geocaching by helping geocachers and those looking to get into geocaching. What can we do to help you? Take a look around and let us know what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions. Happy caching!

MiGO Leadership Update

Welcome Nikki Wolfin(Nikkiwolf25) as the new MiGO Executive Committee Secretary and Kevin Springsteen (aghudley) as the new Webmaster. 

MiGO Member

BIG things are going on at MiGO, and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what some of them are:

In May we started the "MiGO Challenge of the Month".  Participation has been good, but we'd like everyone to have the chance at coveted prizes awarded to some lucky member each month.  Check out the Forum page on the website for more information.  The August Challenge  will celebrate Cache Owners, offer an Alternate Challenge, and a Bonus Challenge.  It's time to get in the game!

Winter Social 2019
Got plans for February yet?  The annual Winter Social for 2019 is in the planning right now!  Check out facebook, and watch the website for details as they become available.  However, the dates to reserve are February 15, 16 & 17.  Yes, that's right three days of Winter Social, lots of events, lots of new caches, plenty of opportunity to visit with old friends and meet new ones.  Hotel blocks will be available.  The event will be in the Lansing Area, and we expect all venues to be near one another.  Shake off the snow and the last of Winter, and get ready for a great Spring of caching!

MSPC GeoTour
The Spring of 2019 will put Michigan on the world geocaching map with our first official GeoTour!  MiGO and the Michigan Department of Resources are working together to launch a GeoTour to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Michigan's State Parks.

There are many more things to announce, but they're not quite ready yet.  The new Executive Committee is working hard to restore your faith in our organization.  We have new merchandise in the pipeline for the store.  We have unique and exclusive path tags for you to acquire, we will have a bigger presence at events around the state and be making donations in cash and in-kind for events of all types and sizes.  Let your RVP know if you have an event coming up that you would like MiGO to help with.

We hope your summer is going well and happy trails are all around.
Your Executive Committee
Remspec, Merlin1392, LynnGeoGin, Sludge_Shoveler, 
LadyBee4T, Nikkiwolf25, & MOQs 

Membership Cost

The new site is paid for by the month per active membership. If you pay the $10 supporting membership you are paying for the cost for a year. If you sign up for a free membership MiGO pays the cost. On the old site we had over 7000 listed memberships. Why that many? The answer is people checking the site signed up for free membership and never come back. Signing up every three months weeds those inactive memberships out keeping our cost down.  Which is cheaper paying for 150 members or 7,000?
We  will lose about $2,000 this year unless our members are willing to become Supporting Members!

Scholarship Nominations
Turning the calendar to October means it is, once again, time for nominations for the
Susan Kay Schug Educational Scholarship
Any MiGO member, their spouse or their child or grandchild, who will be attending a college or university, is eligible to apply for this scholarship by filling out the form, and submitting it per the instructions outlined in the application form. At the close of the application period, recipients will be selected from the eligible submissions, and announced shortly thereafter.  For more information about the scholarship, click on the MiGO Scholarship in the main menu above.
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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