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MiGO Hiker Dude GeoArt

The MiGO Hiker Dude GeoArt, created by MiGO Challenge Work Group members DirtBikeGranny and aghudley, puts the MiGO Hiker Dude on the map in Montcalm County, not too far from the center of the lower peninsula of Michigan. It is on a bicycle accessible (recommended) or hikeable GeoArt over about 8 miles of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail between Edmore and Stanton. Trail-head parking is available in Edmore, McBride and Stanton.

The caches are all be mystery caches with a simple puzzle on the web page. Questions that need answers deal with Geocaching 101, MiGO and Michigan Geocaching History. Many of the answers will have to be looked up on the INTERNET with provided links. It is recommended that you solve the puzzles prior to hitting the trail. You will need to collect information from the cache container or log book to determine the location of a final cache. No GPX file will be provided. Please do not share any cache coordinates or answers with others. This is intended on being an educational experience for all cachers, beginner to seasoned veteran.

The prize will be the MiGO Hider Dude Geoart pathtag pictured. Instructions for obtaining your pathtag are in the final cache. You will need to have your caches physically signed in the field and logged on-line before attempting to claim a prize. The MiGO Hiker Dude GeoArt Manager will run a checker to determine eligibility for a prize before one is sent. The pathtags are free. Lake Huron and Lake Superior members do not have to pay shipping and handling. Non-members, Trial Members and St. Clair members will have to pay $1 for shipping and handling.
Use the buttons below, corresponding to your membership status, to claim a pathtag once you have completed the MiGO Hiker Dude GeoArt.
If you are not a MiGO supporting/paying member (i.e, non-member, member of the Facebook group only, trial member or Lake St. Clair member), use the button on the right to claim your pathtag.  The pathtag is free but there is a $1 fee for shipping and handling.
If you are a MiGO supporting/paying member(i.e. Lake Huron or Lake Superior member), use the button on the right to claim your pathtag. The pathtag is free, as is shipping and handling to our members who support the organization.

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