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MiGO Code of Fair Play

Expectations of Participation in MiGO Promotions

All members of MiGO agree to become members and further agree to uphold the “Code of Conduct” for the Organization.  In part, this reads: “Members of the Michigan Geocaching Organization act with honesty, integrity and openness in all the dealings as representatives of the organization, and internally within the organization.”


That being said, we would like to offer the following “Expectations of Participation” so that hopefully, everyone will know what is proper within the scope of game play, and what is not.  MiGO Promotions intended to be fun, above all else! 


Geocaching is generally an individual game, where variations only impact you as a player.  You choose how to play and what you believe to be ethical and within the spirit of fair play or not.  However, when more are participating it is not “fair” if players do not all have the same playing standards.


  1. Caches are expected to be found and logged within the promotion period defined.  The concept of “banking” cache finds for later use has been determined to be outside the spirit of fair play.
  2. Caches found are expected to be logged online within a reasonable amount of time after that day’s caching activities.  Logging finds within the month, in the last days of the month, is also outside the spirit of fair play.  All caches should be logged within two days of the find.
  3. Daily caching streaks are just that.Go find and log one cache each day for “x” number of days.  Finding seven caches on Sunday, and logging one each day through the week is also outside the spirit of fair play.
  4. In some promotions the pool of prospective caches is intended to be small, don’t be that cacher that is always trying to expand the pool.Play the game in the spirit within the outline.
  5. All caches found are expected to be found by the cacher claiming the find.  This means you need to find the container and sign the log unless it's a virtual type cache. Throw downs or replacing the container do not count with one exception. You found the container with obvious damage and wish to replace or repair it.
  6. Claiming finds while not actually in the caching party, and on the caching adventure, is outside the spirit of fair play.It is NOT required that the claiming cacher be the one to sign each log, or that every cacher in the party sign each log.
  7. The find date on a Challenge cache will be the date you actually qualified and posted a find. Physically finding and signing the cache beforehand if you don't yet qualify is acceptable
  8. If there is a reason you feel a cache that project-gc has counted toward your total does not meet the contest guidelines you are free to remove it from your total prior to submitting your results
  9. Deadlines are just that.  It is a line not to be crossed for any reason.  Plan ahead and leave sufficient time for your participation to be within the stated deadlines of the promotion.
  10. All MiGO Promotions are intended to be fun!  You choose to participate or not.  Should you choose to participate please follow the above guidelines for participation.  Your fellow cachers appreciate you playing by the same guidelines as they do.


The MiGO Executive Committee and the MiGO Challenge Work Group reserve the right to disqualify any cacher who demonstrates caching behavior that is outside the spirit of fair play from future MiGO Promotions.


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