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If you are aware of an Adventure Lab Cache in Michigan that is not in the list below, please send an email with the Name, (nearest) town or city, number of "Labs" and the start coordinates, to:

Webmaster: Adventure Lab update

Lab Caches are an experimental cache type that do not require containers and can be located indoors.  Lab Caches have been associated with Mega Events until 2019, when Groundspeak offered caching organizations and a few hundred qualified geocachers to create Adventure Lab Caches.  The type is experimental and does not have a GC Code.  In order to find an Adventure Lab Cache, a specific app, called Adventure Lab, must be downloaded to a smart phone and used to navigate up to 10 "Labs".    Each correctly completed "Lab" counts as a find in your stats.

Adventure Lab Caches were currently available for a limited time only, typically six months, but this limitation seems to be extending indefinitely.   Adventure Lab Caches are a variety of mystery cache intended for cache hiders to try out new innovations and ideas.   Adventure Lab Caches should definitely be considered temporary in nature, by the current definition.  Adventure Lab Caches do not appear on the Geocaching map.  The only automated way to locate them is through the app.

One more resource to find the locations and names of Adventure Labs in Michigan this map maintained by MiGO:  Adventure Labs in Michigan.
There is one more resource to find the locations and names of Adventure Labs.  It is a map of North America created and managed by DougyB:  North America Adventure Lab Map.

Here is MiGO's list:

Name Locale Labs Start point Bonus cache
Short History of Manistee Manistee 5 N44o 14.900' W86o 19.400'
Exploring Michigan's Cherry Capital Traverse City 10 N44o 45.693' W85o 37.432' GC8BG3Y
Muskegon History Tour Muskegon 5 N43o 13.950' W86o 15.500'
Grand Rapids Adventure & Exploration Grand Rapids 10 N42o 57.740' W85o 42.140'
Crystal Springs Cemetery Tour Benton Harbor 5 N42o 05.470' W86o 25.130' GC89ZA2
Sculpture in Sterling Heights Adventure Sterling Heights 5 N42o 35.400' W83o 00.700'
Hamtramck - Following Polish Footprints Hamtramck 5 N42o 24.076' W83o 04.010' GC8GT9G
Michigan War Dog Memorial South Lyon 5 N42o 28.561' W83o 36.822'
Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor Ann Arbor 5 N42o 16.815' W83o 44.981'
Pier Michigan Grand Haven 5 N43o 03.452' W86o 15.040'
Tip Toe Through The Tulips Holland 5 N42o 46.902' W86o 03.673'
Murals of Lansing Lansing 5 N42o 44.038' W84o 32.638'
Plymouth as I remember It Plymouth 5 N42o 22.297' W83o 28.002'
Detroit Firsts Detroit 5 N42o 19.935' W83o 02.800'
Historic Fallasburg Village Lowell 5 N42o 58.824' W85o 19.618'
Sculptured II Holland 5 N42o 47.251' W86o 06.535' GC82C46
Exploring New Places - K-Zoo Kalamazoo 5 N42o 21.811' W85o 35.379'
Fantasy Forest Adventure Battle Creek 5 N42o 20.150' W85o 12.834' GC8KTNV
GRave Yard Grand Rapids 5 N42o 56.552' W86o 39.137'
A Walking Tour of Grand Haven Grand Haven 5 N43o 04.236' W85o 13.188' GC8N8PX
Exlporing Michigan's Trout Capital Kalkaska 5 N44o 43.861' W85o 10.675' GC8PM74
Remembering America’s Military Traverse City 5 N44o 44.157' W85o 38.120'
Stag Town Kingsley 4 N44o 35.080' W85o 32.330'
Architecture of Michigan State University East Lansing 5 N42o 43.723' W84o 28.440'
Drayton Plains, The Lost Town Within Waterford, MI Pontiac 5 N42o 41.300' W83o 23.153' GC8TXV6
A Ride Down Main Street Midland 5 N43o 37.463' W84o 15.427'
Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve Roscommon 5 N44o 29.250' W84o 36.411' GC8VGC5
Historical Lansing Lansing 5 N42o 45.040' W84o 33.173'
Exploring Historic Cadillac Cadillac 5 N44o 14.375' W85o 27.020' GC8T1G1
History of Belle Isle Detroit 5 N42o 20.025' W83o 00.180'
World War 1 Tour Mount Morris 5 N43o 07.070' W83o 41.970'
Discover the Outdoors Holland 5 N42o 43.565' W86o 05.820' GC8VZZV
Meet the "Flintstones" Flint 4 N43o 00.432' W83o 43.308'
Mackinaw Adventure Mackinaw City 5 N45o 47.320' W84o 43.923' GC8WK73
Falling Waters Park Spring Arbor 5 N42o 11.355' W84o 34.545'
Singapore no more Saugatuck 5 N42o 39.500' W86o 12.340' GC8T1G1
Eaton Rapids Parks Eaton Rapids 5 N42o 30.745' W84o 39.520'
Historic Ionia Ionia 5 N42o 58.945' W85o 03.980' GC8WMHT
Historic Bridges Battle Creek 5 N42o 17.420' W84o 06.900'
Hillsdale Parks - places to hang out - outside Hillsdale 5 N41o 55.328' W84o 38.552'
Pioneers Jamestown 5 N42o 47.764' W85o 49.359' GC8XJDM
McCourtie Park Somerset 5 N42o 03.079' W83o 24.645' GC8XQE7
The Saline Depot Saline 5 N42o 10.300' W83o 47.010'
Have I Got a Deal for You... Jonesville 5 N41o 58.980' W84o 39.804' GC8XVG2
Some of Allen's great people Allen 4 N41o 57.419' W84o 46.064'

Upper Peninsula Orange
Northern Lower Green
Southwest Blue
Southeast Yellow