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You have reached the homepage of the Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO). The purpose of our organization is to promote the sport of Geocaching in Michigan via improved communications and to provide information to the public about our activities and the sport of geocaching. Please spend some time on our site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit for more details.

Join MiGO Today! Membership gives you many benefits. MiGO is one of the oldest and most respected Geocaching organizations in the country. Since our inception in April, 2002 we have grown both in size and stature. In 2007 we were granted an organizational land use permit by the Michigan DNR. This permit is paid annually by MiGO and enables all our members to place caches on permitted DNR lands, with the appropriate permit where required, at no fee. This is just one of the many benefits of your membership. You'll also become part of a local and tight-knit Geocaching community with an active interest in caching in our state. Our forums are very active and are a great place to meet cachers and learn.

To Join, renew or upgrade your membership, pull down the Membership Menu.

Latest Covid-19 Information from DNR
As of May 11th, the latest information from the DNR can be found at this link:

DNR Covid-19 Update

May 1, 2020:  One Month in to the new Membership Tiers

Trial...    Lake St. Clair...    Lake Huron...    Lake Superior...   

We are one month in to the new MiGO Tiered Membership Structure and are pleased to report that 43 members have upgraded to the new Lake Superior level and several Lake St. Clair members have upgraded to Lake Huron level as well. Thank you all for your help. We have even had one member make an additional donation (thank you navychief98). We also have attracted new Trial members. Take a look at the "scoreboard" below to see who is helping. This is a terrific start. We still have work to do. More members than we thought would are still renewing at the Lake St. Clair level. Perhaps they have not gotten the word as I can't imagine many members would not want to support the organization. MiGO is asking all free members to help support the organization and is asking members already supporting to up their game. No active membership is free to MiGO. We pay our web service by the number of active members we have. A membership that is free to one member is being paid by other members. In order to increase our funding level to bring you many more fun things to do, we need to maximize the number of paying members at the highest level. Membership has its privilege. Paid membership has its rewards. We are hard at work coming up with some fun new things to do.

The new member tiers are named for the Great Lakes that we know and love. We are (almost) all Michiganders, so we used three three lakes on our international border to name the regular member levels.

The Trial member is a new level available for new members to try out the organization for thirty days. It is open to anyone who is not currently a member and has not been a member since January 1, 2017. Any time during your trial, we hope you take the option to renew as one of the following three levels:

The Lake St. Clair (formerly Member) membership level is the free membership. It is only available as a three month renewal and has a limited view of the website. It is intended for those that simply cannot support the organization financially, but still want to be associated with the us.

The Lake Huron (formerly Supporting Member) is $10 per year, renewed annually. This fee covers just a little more than the cost of your membership on our web service. Lake Huron members have access to and eligibility for many things not available to Lake St. Clair members. Lake Huron members that upgrade to the Lake Superior level before they are up for renewal level will have their remaining membership prorated at the new level.

The Lake Superior level is a new, premium level. It is $30 per year, renewed annually. Renewing or upgrading your membership to this level demonstrates your commitment to the organization. Your contribution allows MiGO to expand the promotional activities we offer our members and our caching community. Lake Superior members are recognized and rewarded at the highest level.

Refer to the Member Levels page found on the Membership Menu for details of the various levels.

Refer to the Renewal page in the Membership Menu for instructions on renewing and upgrading when your membership is within the 30 day renewal window.

Refer to the Upgrade page in the Membership Menu for instructions on upgrading when your membership is not due for renewal.

MiGO is a 501(c)(7) organization and 100% funded by our members! Thank you for your help and support. We want to see your name on the Lake Superior Member Honor Roll. 

Notable Membership Activity over the Last Month

Trial Members

  • SawyersFam (welcome)
  • fair2429 (welcome)
  • MBJB2 (welcome)
  • Geocachmeoutside (welcome)
  • bbwalkers (welcome)
  • cmcjmathews (welcome & thank you for upgrading to Lake Superior)
  • SirHiss (welcome)
  • Creamycorn6 (welcome)
  • dodson-lasley31 (welcome)
  • liv (welcome)
  • 2277 (renew)
  • Mudlark9 (renew)
  • 23Peanut (renew)
  • bgscrabble (renew)
  • tandembiker (renew)
  • Mermaidsh (new)
  • lightkeeperJane (renew)
  • mdshaw16 (ren&upg)
  • ranzuly (ren&upg)
  • Strong Rogues (ren&upg)
  • elicalli (renew)
  • 2girls1gps (re&upg)
  • salplus2 (renew)
  • Teambaker101 (renew)
  • Port-ah (renew)
  • Jamison Six (new)
  • pee-paw (renew)
  • CITOcacher (renew)
  • zekefritter (renew)
  • Gdpunkgirl73 (ren&upg)
  • Amor2 (renew)
  • ReichyDDom (renew)
  • ericataylor (renew)
  • JAGMAG (renew)
  • liv (upg from trial)
  • RemSpec (upgrade)
  • Goldfinch (upgrade)
  • DirtBikeGranny (upgrade)
  • mkettel (upgrade)
  • Fallin' (upgrade)
  • Wandering Tracks (upgrade)
  • DanTMan&Co (upgrade)
  • Traveling Dave (upgrade)
  • Tom n Chris (upgrade)
  • navychief98 (upgrade)
  • dmw2m (upgrade)
  • IFollowRoads (upgrade)
  • Smilch (upgrade)
  • Piperollie1 (upgrade)
  • Sludge_Shoveler (upgrade)
  • 3bearsmomma (upgrade)
  • OnABoat (upgrade)
  • Team Kalsin (upgrade)
  • Nikkiwolf25 (upgrade)
  • LainieChip (upgrade)
  • zeeland5 (upgrade)
  • TeamLareau (upgrade)
  • Red Hat Grandma (upgrade)
  • SnowboardCrazy (ren&upg)
  • IdaLabs (upgrade)
  • beenhere (upgrade)
  • angelsunshine (ren&upg)
  • Monkey Man & Lulu (ren&upg)
  • TreePlanter (upgrade)
  • Woodtrain (ren&upg)
  • Paddling Pirates (ren&upg)
  • mboensch (ren&upg)
  • LynnGeoGin (upgrade)
  • South Lyon Trekkers (upgrade)
  • fins&feathers (ren&upg)
  • SnoringEagles (ren&upg)
  • acntrin (upgrade)
  • Cosmo411 (ren&upg)
  • Noah's Peeps (ren&upg)
  • 23Peanut (upgrade)
  • PairOMedicChick (ren&upg)
  • Team Hugs (ren&upg)
  • 8_is_Enough (ren&upg)
  • smitherington (renew)
  • Sl0ther (new)
  • llski (ren&upg)
  • geocachejak (ren&upg)
  • yakinCacher (new)
  • cmcjmathews (upg from trial)

Ask The Members

Logo Jackets


Here is a new feature of the MiGO Website.  Your Executive Committee, and other committees, strive to make MiGO a more rhobust organization for its members, especially those who support the organization.  We would like to know your opinion on different topics.  We will periodically put up a poll or two for you to weigh in on.  Results are completely annonymous.  Polls will remain on the home page for two weeks.

The first two polls have to do with emailed event reminders and our upcoming challenges.

Do you have a topic you would like us to ask the members? Send your idea in an email to the MiGO Webmaster.

Personalized Wearable Trackable


Recent Poll Results:

Challenge of the Month: 63%  want separate challenges, 37% liked the year long Challenge of the Month format
Calendar Event Reminders:  77% of responses like them, 19% didn't care and 4% don't like the email traffic.

We Listened:

5/20 New Regional Affiliation:  We have required our members to choose one of the five regions (four in state and one for out of state members).  These regions are tied to our event calendar and members get reminders of upcoming events about a week ahead of the event for events within their region, plus MiGO events.  Some members don't like these reminders and avoid them by blocking email from the organization.  MiGO does not share contact information outside the organization and we ask our paying members to accept emails from the organization.  We require our non-paying members to do so.  We will not pay your way and allow you to remain anonymous.   We have created a way that members can avoid most email traffic generated by our event calendar by creating a new region called "no regional affiliation".  This is selectable when you join or renew and is also available in your profile.   

5/20 New Challenges are coming: Challenges and contest are not a big thing with the Covid-19 issue, but we are working on some new, fun things to do.  We have something ready to go for everyone and are working on a reward challenge for our Lake Huron and Lake Superior members.  More stuff is being considered by our MiGO Challenge Work Group.


Camp MiGO 2020

The First Annual MiGO Summer Camping Weekend has come and gone and was a great success.  A large crowd enjoyed a great lunch and great weather in a beautiful park full of new caches.   

In 2020, Camp MiGO will become a "tradition".  Save the weekend: 

      August 21-23, 2020

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Haunted Hollow crew for hiding the caches for Camp MiGO and helping out with the "new" event. 

We would also like to thank Sleepy Hollow State Park for continuing to host a major caching event.

Watch this space and the MiGO Event Calendar for more information for 2020

MSPC GeoTour

Michigan's first Official GeoTour celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Michigan's State Parks kicked off with a bang May 24th, 2019. 

As of April 3rd, 2020, the stats are:   

21,235  Logged Finds by
2,863     Geocachers
4,565     Favorite Points
To say this GeoTour exceeds our expectations is a huge understatement.

As of November 23rd at 10:10AM, DucksLanding, a Supporting Member, logged the  

4000 Favorite Point!

MSPCGT:Yankee Springs RA-Yankee Springs Inn (GC801TF) ws the first hide on the tour to reach 100 Favorite Points.  Congratulations to The Macho Homemaker for his incredible creation.  Latest numbers put this cache at 124 Favorite Points.  Bay City SP has 106 and White Pine Trail LSP - Hatchery has 104.

Please note that geocaching in State Parks, Recreation Areas and Scenic Sites is limited to Day Use Hours, 8AM to 10PM unless otherwise noted.

This GeoTour was created and is managed by MiGO volunteers and funded by your fellow geocachers.  Be sure to thank them.


Challenge of the Month

The MiGO Challenge of the Month has been put on hiatus.  Now that Winter Social is over, the MiGO Challenge Committee can get back to work on challenges for 2020.  Please stand by for more information coming soon.

MiGO Store

Big News in the Store:

MiGO is now an official distributor of Shop Geocaching ( and now has select items available in the MiGO store.  Also, we are adding our own new items to the store soon including a trackable MiGO walking stick medallion pictured above (coming November '19), a MiGO Name Badge available for pre-order and a new transparent window sticker.

MiGO Store

We are looking at new items to put in the store and are always interested in your feedback.  Is there something you think that the store should have for sale?  Please let us know.

The funding to support our organization is derived through member contributions via donations, purchases in our store, and supporting memberships. We appreciate your interest in our organization and our store and invite you to look around. If you have any questions, you can email us at

MiGO and You

This is the home of the Michigan Geocaching Organization or MiGO. Geocaching is closing in on 20 years of existence and MiGO has been a part of most of that. Our goal is to promote the activity of geocaching by helping geocachers and those looking to get into geocaching. What can we do to help you? Take a look around and let us know what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions. Happy caching!

MiGO Leadership Update 2/2020

Welcome the following:

Executive Committee
At Large member:
Jodi Spalding (LiteOnCache)

MiGO Member

BIG things are going on at MiGO, and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what some of them are:

New Membership Tiers were announced April 1st. in an effort to expand MiGO's budget so we may bring you more fun and interesting things to dol

The Executive Committee and a new MiGO Challenges Work Group is working on new basic and premium challenges for our community and membership.


August 2020

Come to Camp MiGO the weekend of August 22nd.  Watch the panel on  the home page for more information.

MSPC GeoTour
The Spring of 2019 put Michigan on the world geocaching map with our first official GeoTour!  MiGO and the Michigan Department of Resources continue working together on this GeoTour celebrating the 100th anniversary of Michigan's State Parks.
The GeoTour has been an amazing success and is already one of the most popular GeoTours in the world.  Thank you to the entire team for a job well done.

There are more things to announce, but they're not quite ready yet.  The Executive Committee is working hard to keep bringing you fun things to do.  Your support is much appreciated.  We can't do it without you. 

We have new merchandise in the pipeline for the store.  We have unique and exclusive path tags for you to acquire, we will have a bigger presence at events around the state and be making donations in cash and in-kind for events of all types and sizes.  Let your RVP know if you have an event coming up that you would like MiGO to help with.

We have made big strides in the number of people supporting the organization, but we still have a long way to go.
Susan Kay Schug Educational Scholarship 

2021 applicantions for this scholarship will be available in the fall.  Applications will be due January 1st, 2021, with a recipient announced at the 2021 Winter Social.  Any active MiGO member, their spouse or their child or grandchild, who will be attending a college or university, is eligible to apply for this scholarship by filling out the form, and submitting it per the instructions outlined in the application form.
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Upcoming Events

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