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MiGO Jacket Sample
At long last, the opportunity that some of you have been waiting for.  You can now submit a pre-order for your own personalized MiGO Signature Fleece Jacket in two different styles.  This opportunity will be open for a short period of time so we can get jackets ordered and in people's hands hopefully by early to mid November. 

In order to get the prices shown, we have to have a minimum of ten jackets pre-ordered.  If you want to stand out at cool weather events, order yours now.   We can place an order when we have a minimum of ten pre-orders.

Charges for the jackets do not include shipping from the MiGO Store to you.  Shipping charges are estimated to be $8-$10 per jacket, perhaps less for multi-jacket orders.  You may be able to pick up your jacket at an event, but that may not be until next year, depending on our old friend Covid-19.  To have the jacket shipped, you will get an invoice through your MiGO account.  Once paid, your jacket will be sent to you.   LS Member Coupons can be used for the jacket but do not apply to shipping costs.

The jackets can be personalized with your trackable number but do not include a trackable number in the price. 

The jackets are 8.3oz 100% polyester fleece.

Jacket Size Chart