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Upgrading your MiGO membership



Are you trying to upgrade your Member Status and can't figure out how?

If you are within your 30 day renewal window, you will have gotten an email reminding you of that.  Just pick the Supporting Member level as part of your renewal.

If you are not within your 30 day renewal window, you will need a MiGO administrator to do the upgrade for you.  We will be happy to help.  Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Send an email with the subject
    "Please upgrade me to Supporting Member Status"
    Include your real name, your cacher name and your member number (all found in your MiGO member profile), exactly as it appears in your MiGO account, in your message. Your cacher name on record is found in the Additional Data section of your profile. This will help prevent an error.

  2. A MiGO administrator will then go through the upgrade/renewal process for you.  At the payment page, the admin will select "Pay Later".  You will get an email message with a link to an invoice.  You will then need to make the payment to complete the renewal/upgrade.
    Payment using PayPal is immediate. Sending a check takes several days. Our treasurer does not check our PO box daily.

  3. If you are outside your renewal window, your new expiration date will be one year from the date the upgrade is processed by the admin. If you are renewing and upgrading, your new expiration date will be 1 year after your current expiration date.

Admin assisted renewal/upgrade is for paying members only.  Please do not request an admin to extend your free membership for you.