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Member Types

There are two membership levels in the Michigan Geocaching Organization:  


The Basic  Member level is free and must be renewed every three months.  MiGO is charged for your membership by the month by our web service.  If you choose not to renew, we are not charged beyond your three month membership.  The Basic Member level is a terrific way to try out our organization.  If you choose to renew, we would greatly appreciate you defraying the cost of your membership by becoming a Supporting Member.  

Supporting Member:


The Supporting Member level is $10 per year and is renewed annually.  This only covers the cost of your membership on our web service... no more.

There are some extra benefits for Supporting Members.  One example is the member only MiGO Challenge of the Month.  This is a point based competition that changes each month.  Supporting members are awarded bonus points. 

More Information:

MiGO is funded completely through donations and activities such as the Silent Auction at the Winter Social.  MiGO is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization.   As such, we are required by law to offer free membership.  Our web service charges us $10 per year, per member to host our site, whether you choose to pay or not.  We can't force you to pay your way, but we certainly appreciate the growing numbers of our members that do.  By paying your way, you are able to participate in MiGO member only activities and not put a strain on our budget.  MiGO can only provide creative and fun activities and challenges when we stay within our budget.

If you would like to help support MiGO beyond your membership level, visit the Donations Page.  In order for us to bring you truly great activities such as the Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour, we need funding well beyond our operating budget.  We thank you for your help.