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Photo courtesy of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour

Presented by
The Michigan Geocaching Organization
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources


MSPC GeoTour
Cache Assistance Program

Remember Roadie, the mascot of the Are You Geocacher Enough Road Rally?   The Road Rally may have run its course, at least for the moment, but the lessons learned from it  have been passed on to MiGO by the AYGE crew.  
A GeoTour the size of this one is an expensive proposition and MiGO operates on a limited budget.  You can help by assisting with a geocache.  This was very popular over the years of the Road Rally and we hope that you will agree.  
The Cache Assistance Program is a way for individual geocachers to help with the GeoTour.  Each $20 donation will get your cacher name displayed on a GeoTour cache page with "Special Thanks".    
Note: The donation is to MiGO's, not the DNR, and will be made to the "Tour and Trail Fund".

Read these brief instructions, then click the button below: 

  1. Put your geocacher name in the box labeled "How do you want your name to appear in Contribution Records".  Recognition will be by individual geocacher name only.  If you are donating for a deceased cacher, we will add "(R.I.P.)" immediately after their cacher name.
  2. Use the "Comment Box" to request one specific park or region (NL, SE, SW, or UP).  Requests will be handled first come, first served and there are no promises.  Please do not request a park you are the hider for.  You will already be recognized as the hider on that cache page.
  3. If you choose to support more than one tour cache, please make CAP donations one at a time.  On the payment page after the first donation, click the "Pay Later" button.  Complete your payment after your last donation.  Making donations one at a time will greatly assist us getting the data out of the donation system and matched up to parks and cache pages.  It will also allow you to choose a different park or region.
  4. Donations promised but not paid for will be canceled and made available again to others when the program is sold out.  Preferred payment is via PayPal.

Once you gotten to the payment page, do not attempt to "go back and edit" your donation.  That will result in a second donation!

Your cacher name will appear on the cache page like this:

Special thanks to cachername for this cache.

Sold Out and disabled 4/7/19  
Thank you everyone!
Watch for Announcements regarding availability of unpaid donations.