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MiGO 83 County Challenge

The MiGO 83 County Challenge is here! After a lot of hard work and discussion by the EC, we’ve approved a process and pin to be awarded for finding at least one cache in each of Michigan's 83 counties.

How do you get it? Simple. Once you’ve found a cache in every county:

  1. Either run this check: Project-GC Challenge Checker
  2. ... or run a "my finds” pocket query"
  3. Send an email with
    • Subject: "I completed the 83 County Challenge"
    • Real name
    • Cacher name
    • Address
    • Phone Number (optional)
    • Attached or embedded Checker results or query results
  4. to:


Once we have your request, our store manager will contact you via email to work out a delivery option. To save on shipping costs, it’s preferred that you coordinate a pick up at an event, but if that is not possible, we will send you the pin.

So who can participate?  Anyone!  We’re opening it up to any Geocacher who puts in the time and effort to complete this difficult challenge.

What if I’ve already completed the challenge? Do I get a pin still? Yes you do! Any cacher that has found a cache in every county prior to our release of this challenge can still get one.

What if I’ve got more then one member of my team that was involved in this challenge.   Do I only get one pin?  After a lot of debate on this one, we’ve decided to keep it simple.  If you have a multi member Geocaching account and you’d like more then one pin, your team can request one extra pin, but that’s it.   A max of 2 pins per Geocaching account that has completed the challenge.

Here’s a look at what your working for: