Congratulations to the 2012 Executive Committee and Regional Vice Presidents
Written by Michigan Geocaching Organization   
Thursday, 05 January 2012

Please join us in welcoming the following MiGO officers for 2012:

2012 Executive Committee

  Mike Spence

 - Geo Trails

Stephen Fritz  

 - Beenhere

  J'nise Ramsey

 - Geo-Therapist

  Melissa Pilkington

 - A2QueenCacher

  Jodi Spalding

 - LightOnCache

  Tim Woodcox

 - TeamEccs21

 John Flanagan

 - Celtic Cache Trio

 Dan Elliott

 - LightPeople

2012 Regional Vice Presidents
UP Chapter:
Lori Schultz  - 2_UP_Geologists
NL Chapter:
Monica Lytle
 - MrsSleepyweasel73
SW Chapter:
 Kathy Seedorff
 - PairOMedicChick
SE Chapter:
 Glenn Six  - GSix5666
5th Chapter:
 Steve Elsbrie
 - Othum

NOTE: Nominations for election to the Executive Committee are not position specific. The new EC will decide between themselves which person will assume each position as per the bylaws.  Also, the webmaster is an appointed non-voting position on the EC.

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