Some area hotels in no particular order (except the first is the closest) include:

* has a restaurant


UP State Fairgrounds
Camping is available on site. We would encourage campers to stay at the UP State Fair Campground so off-hours socializing and other fun will be maximized. Go to for more information or call (906)786-4011. Many sites have water and electricity. All sites are $20. The UP State Fair Campground is open throughout October.

Other campgrounds:


FFD 2012 Pathtag

The pathtag reflects our "Most Extreme Geocacher" theme. One of our planned activities to kick off the event (1-2 pm) will be dodging paintballs to retrieve an ammo can or something from an ammo can. Protective gear will be provided to anyone who wants to volunteer to run the gauntlet, so to speak. Only experienced paintballers will be handling the paintball guns to ensure safety. There will be barricades/obstacles to hide behind so it won't be a turkey shoot either. This should be really fun for participants and spectators alike.